A summary of all known bars and brewpubs in the state of ND that serve cask-conditioned beer (a.k.a. 'real ale')

(permanent / regular outlets only)

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Permanent outlet for cask beer. Counted in the tally above.
Regular outlet for cask beer (on most but not all the time). Counted in the tally above.
Occasional outlet for cask beer. Not counted in the tally above, and location not shown on the map.
No cask - recently ceased stocking it for whatever reason.
No cask - but has deceiving lookalike fake handpumps nefariously serving regular keg beer. Don't get fooled! Such places are listed here only to help prevent confusion as to what's 'real' and what's not.

M: Monday
T: Tuesday
W: Wednesday
Th: Thursday
F: Friday
S: Saturday
Su: Sunday

Times are shown in 24 hour clock, 0001 (12.01am) through to 2400 (midnight).

Be aware that some places may temporarily suspend offering cask-conditioned beer in hot weather.
Information shown is subject to change, and accuracy and availability is not guaranteed.

Please email changes or corrections to
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There are no known outlets for cask-conditioned beer in this state.

U.K. Brewing Supplies - Suppliers of genuine cask ale equipment.

Suppliers of genuine cask ale equipment in the U.S. & Canada.

Website now automated - purchase equipment at the click of a mouse!

Wandering Star Craft Brewery

11 Gifford Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 01201

Supplying fresh, quality cask beers (and also keg) to MA, NY, and RI.

Is there a cask venue missing? Anything incorrect?

Please report changes and previously unknown cask outlets so this database can be as accurate as possible!

For NEW VENUES, please supply ALL of the following details:
-Full name of establishment
-Full address including zip code
-Phone number
-Please describe cask availability as either...
"Permanent" (all times within reason)
"Regular" (offered at least weekly - please state what days/times casks are tapped)
"Occasional" (twice a month or less)
-Opening hours
-Whether a bar, brewpub, taproom, etc.
-If there is a beer engine (handpump), are you 100% positive that it is a real one rather than a fake lookalike?
-What beer(s) are usually being dispensed?

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Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for any errors or changes to the above information. Real ale is not guaranteed to always be available in any of these outlets (especially in the summer).